26" Mountain Bike 21-Speed Folding Men Women Bikes Dual Disc Brake MTB Bicycle

26" Mountain Bike 21-Speed Folding Men Women Bikes Dual Disc Brake MTB Bicycle

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Life requires some fun and excitement to be more enjoyable . and cycling is a good way. This foldable bicycle is made of high-quality high carbon steel and aluminum alloy . with 21 different speeds that can meet your various riding requirements . accompanying you smoothly through various terrains and experiencing a different kind of fun. Get on this bicycle and let it take you to experience a healthier . environmentally friendly . and fun life.

Key Features

Foldable & Portable: It is equipped with an aluminum folding clip . making it easy to achieve quick folding. When folded . its size is only 40.55*37.8*13.78in. You can fold it up and place it in the garage . trunk . and other places to save space when you don't use it.

Durable & Sturdy: A high carbon steel frame and aluminum alloy rim . combined with spraying . heat treatment . and fish scale welding processes . can perform well for a long time and achieve a maximum load-bearing capacity of 264.5 lbs.

Stable Cycling: The U-shaped front fork and the rear shock absorber can absorb most of the vibration . achieving a more stable cycling experience . even on uneven mud . sand . and mountain roads. The elasticity of the tires also gives them a certain shock absorption effect.

Multi-speed Transmission: Three gears in the front and seven gears in the rear allow you to choose different gears to achieve 21 different speeds for easy cycling. The 7-piece taren is agile and smooth . allowing you to shift gears accurately in different terrains.

Safety Guard: Reliable dual disc brakes can provide stable and strong braking force even in harsh weather conditions. Four reflectors allow pedestrians and vehicles around you to accurately locate you. Anti-slip tires provide excellent grip and stability . ensuring safe cycling. The sealed shaft can effectively prevent water and dust . ensuring long-term smooth use without frequent maintenance.

Easy to Install: 80% of our bicycles are pre-installed . and you only need to spend a little time and effort to complete the remaining parts . enjoying a sense of achievement from parts to the whole!

Cool Appearance: The modern yet classic design and blue and white color scheme make it undeniably eye-catching in a crowd.

Healthy Lifestyle: Compared to driving . bicycling not only helps you to strengthen your muscles and bones . but also effectively lose weight and have a healthy body! Riding travel without requiring fuel or gasoline is an environmentally friendly way.


Mudguards: Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with mudguards . effectively blocking water or mud splashing and keeping the bike clean.

Anti-slip Armrest: The rubber-wrapped armrests with non-slip textures achieve a stable and comfortable grip.

Adjustable Seat: It can be adjusted from 31.5in to 37.2in . allowing people between 5.25-5.9ft in height to ride comfortably.

Large Footrests: They are made of durable and abrasion-resistant PC . and the enlarged design makes it comfortable for you to step on.


It is suitable for people between 5.25-5.9ft in height to ride on various roads . such as uneven roads . muddy roads . grasslands . mountain roads . sandy areas . wetlands . etc.

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